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The PBS Quasquicentennial Capital Campaign

At 125 years, a $125,000 goal

At this turning point in our history, we invite you to aid us in our effort to enhance and sustain the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in leading-edge research, outstanding teaching, evidence-based clinical training, and the cultivation of a science that will improve individual lives and serve the public good.

Join us as we launch the department into another 125 years of bold, original, and path-breaking research and further establish it as a major center for psychological and scientific investigation. Our funding priorities include the following:

  • Undergraduate scholarships for teaching and research make it possible for undergraduates to fulfill their potential and focus on scholarship. Psychological and Brain Sciences currently offers the most popular undergraduate degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences with nearly 1,400 majors. Both the department and its students benefit when we enable our top and most deserving students to focus more fully on scholarship and research without financial worries.

  • Graduate fellowships for research, teaching, and training give us a more competitive edge in bringing the best graduate students to the department. This is critical to enhancing the quality of the department's research and teaching, as well as its reputation. We currently need to "top off" existing fellowship lines with funds from other sources to make them competitive with other world-class graduate programs.

  • Laboratory equipment and resources for teaching and research laboratories optimize the training of undergraduate, graduate and support the most up-to-date methods and practices. The new undergraduate neuroscience labs currently would greatly benefit from such an enhancement of its current laboratory materials and infrastrcture.
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  • Brain sculpture project: In 2011, the Brain Extravaganza!, the Bloomington public art project, installed large temporary fiberglass brains around town, and made visible the everyday functioning of the brain with respect to all aspects of human experience. To maintain the public awarness of brain function and our department's own role in exploring them, you have the opportunity to support the development of a permanent artistic limestone brain installation in the public space of the Psychology Building.

We currently support:

  • 1,500 undergraduate majors
  • 67 fulltime faculty
  • 100 graduate students
  • 45 laboratories


How to donate & support Psychological and Brain Sciences
(and get a t-shirt)

Your continuing support will ensure the future success of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. As a part of our community, join our shared endeavor. To make your donation, click the red and white "Give Now" button, which will take you to an IU Foundation gifting page for the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Quasquicentennial Capital Campaign.

For donations of $50 or more, we would like to recognize your support and your membership in the PBS community by sending you a "Hoosier Brain" t-shirt! To receive your t-shirt, please do the following:

  • If you donated by clicking the "Give Now" button above, please forward your email confirmation from the IU Foundation (including the transaction number) to pbschair [at] Include your shipping address, desired shirt size, and quantity (one t-shirt per $50 donation).
  • If you've donated in 2013 by sending a check to the IU Foundation, or by automated payment to the IU Foundation, please send your first and last name and donation amount to pbschair [at] Include your shipping address, desired shirt size, and quantity (one t-shirt per $50 donation).

We will reply within 2 business days, confirm your gift, and arrange for your t-shirt(s) to be shipped. You will also receive a revised receipt from the IU Foundation for your donation, listing the value of the t-shirt.

If you do not want to receive a t-shirt in appreciation of your gift, no further action is necessary.

Thank you very much for your support.