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Indiana University Bloomington

Advisory board

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Advisory Board's mission is to support and strengthen undergraduate and graduate education and to reinforce the many bonds between members of the department, alumni, friends and other research and business organizations. Members advise and aid the department chairperson, provide an interface between the department and the scientific, business and research communities, and assist in fundraising programs.


Steve Blaising, Brain Surgery Worldwide Inc. (Joined 2008)
Scott Branam, Bloomington Hospital (Joined 2011)
Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Inc. (Joined 2007)**
Jerry Forshee, Indiana University (Joined 2014)
Martin Hill, Fundamental Development, LLC (Joined 2008)
Ross Jennings, Cook Inc. (Joined 2007)*
Reid Klion, pan (Joined 2010)
John Laird, Newmark Grubb Cressy & Everett (Joined 2010)
Greg Lamb, Dell Inc. (Joined 2008)*
John Lee, Bloomington Hospital (Joined 2007)*
Jim Malec, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (Joined 2010)
Richard McFall, Indiana University (Joined 2010)*
Denny Morrison, Netsmart Technologies (Joined 2010)
Eric Nisenbaum, Eli Lilly & Co. (Joined 2008)
Joe Nowlin, Nowlin Associates Inc. (Joined 2007)*
David Pfenninger, Performance Assessment Network (Joined 2007)*
Susan Rinne, Life Designs (Joined 2007)*
Aita Salasoo, Cognizant Technology Solutions (Joined 2010)
Matt Taylor, PD&S Agent Inc. (Joined 2007)
George Telthorst, Bloomington Life Sciences Partnership (Joined 2007)*
Julian Thayer, Ohio State University (Joined 2012)
Edda "Floh" Thiels, University of Pittsburgh (Joined 2012)
Robin Thomas, Miami University-Ohio (Joined 2007)*
John Torr, Executive Health Services (Joined 2007)*
Jill Villarreal, Nestle Purina (Joined 2010)

*Emeritus status
**Honorary status