THE SCIENCE OF CHANGING LIVES. Certificate in Clinical Science

Are you considering graduate school in clinical psychology? Or are you thinking about a career helping people who are dealing with depression, addiction, childhood behavioral and developmental issues, PTSD or other mental health issues? A certificate in clinical psychological science will help you stand out from the crowd.


Employers and graduate schools are looking at more than undergraduate major and grades when evaluating candidates. The certificate program in clinical psychological science will give you:

  • Valuable research and/or field experience

  • Opportunities to solve real-world problems and put theory into practice

  • Interdisciplinary course offerings to fit your own specific goals

Students must apply by September 15 (Fall semester) or January 31 (Spring semester) to be considered for this exciting opportunity. There is limited availability to participate in the program


*This certificate does not lead to a license to practice professional psychology or other related fields.