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Indiana University Bloomington

Brian D'Onofrio

Dr. Brian D'Onofrio

Associate Professor


bmdonofr [at]

office: PY 134 | (812)856-0843

lab: Developmental Psychopathology Lab
   PY 239 | (812)856-2588


Developmental Psychopathology; behavior genetics; family systems; children

Educational Background

  • 1997 - B.A., University of Virginia
  • 2002 - M.A., University of Virginia
  • 2005 - Ph.D., University of Virginia

Areas of Study

  • Clinical Science
  • Developmental Psychology

Research Topics

  • Developmental Psychopathology
  • Behavior Genetics
  • Family Systems
  • Children’s Intellectual Abilities

Research Summary:

My research, rooted in the field of developmental psychopathology, explores the causes of child and adolescent psychopathology and adjustment through three main approaches: genetically informed designs, longitudinal analyses, and intervention studies.

First, I use behavior genetic research designs to examine how specific environmental risk and protective factors influence adjustment. Whereas most previous behavior genetic research merely documented the magnitude of genetic and environmental influences, I am employing advanced research designs to detail how genetic and environmental influences act and interact.

Longitudinal analyses constitute the second major research program that I am using to study causal mechanisms. One of the main limitations of cross-sectional research, including many behavior genetic designs, is the inability to account for reciprocal influences. Therefore, we utilize longitudinal studies to examine the development of children’s adjustment over time and how environmental factors influence and are influenced by individuals.

The third major research approach I use is intervention studies. I am primarily focused on intervention studies for couples going through divorce. The ability to randomly assign couples to different conditions also provides a powerful approach to the study of causal processes specifically related to family constructs.

Representative Publications

Goodnight, J. A., Van Hulle, C. A., Waldman, I. D., Rodgers, J. L., Rathouz, P. J., Lahey, B. B., & D'Onofrio, B. M., (in press). A quasi-experimental study of the influence of neighborhood disadvantage on child and adolescent antisocial behavior. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Class, Q.A., Langstrom, N., Lichtenstein, P., D'Onofrio, B.M. (2011). Timing of prenatal maternal exposure to severe life events and adverse pregnancy outcomes: A population study of 2.6 million pregnancies. Psychosomatic Medicine, 73, 234-241.

Schermerhorn, A.C., D'Onofrio, B.M., Turkheimer, E.N., Ganiban, J.M., Spotts, E.L., Lichtenstein, P., Reiss, D., Neiderhiser, J. (2011). A Genetically Informed Study of Associations between Family Functioning and Child Psychosocial Adjustment. Developmental Psychology, 47, 707-725.

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