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Indiana University Bloomington

Ben Motz

Dr. Ben Motz

Research Scientist

Faculty Fellow for Academic Analytics, UITS


bmotz [at] | personal website

office: PY A200B | (812)855-0318


Science of human learning and memory and its translation to educational contexts and systems; learning analytics; educational data mining; self-regulated learning; student engagement; student motivation

Educational Background

  • 2018 - PhD in Cognitive Science, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 2005 - MS in Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego
  • 2002 - BS in Cognitive Science with minor in Psychology, Indiana University Bloomington

Areas of Interest

  • Science of human learning and memory, and its translation to educational contexts and systems
  • learning analytics
  • educational data mining
  • self-regulated learning
  • student engagement
  • student motivation

Research Summary

I study the relationships between cognitive theories of human learning, psychological theories of student engagement, and what goes on in college classes. In particular, I'm interested in understanding causal mechanisms and interactions between aspects of teaching and learning in authentic educational contexts, and accordingly, my research emphasizes the use of experimental methods in real classes.