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Indiana University Bloomington

Peter Finn

Dr. Peter Finn



finnp [at]

office: PY 156 | (812)855-9548

lab: Biobehavioral Alcohol Research Laboratory
   PY 235 | (812)855-7798


Cognitive and motivational processes in substance abuse and dependence; decision-making; working memory; and self-regulatory processes that contribute to behavioral disinhibition and personality-risk for substance abuse

Educational Background

  • 1983 - B.A., Concordia University
  • 1988 - Ph.D., McGill University

Areas of Study

  • Clinical Science
  • Biology, Behavior, and Neuroscience
  • Neural Science

Research Topics

  • Cognitive and motivational processes in substance abuse
  • Working memory and self-regulation
  • Disinhibitory processes in personality

Representative Publications

2007 - Fein, G., Di Sclafani, V., Finn, P.R, Scheiner, D.L. Sub-diagnostic psychiatric comorbidity in alcoholics. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 87, 139-145.

2006 – Fein, G., Landman, B., Tran H., McGillivray, S., Finn, P.R., Barakos J., Moon K. Brain atrophy in long-term abstinent alcoholics who demonstrate impairment on a similuated gambling task. Neuroimage, 32, 1465-1471.

2005 – Finn, P.R., Rickert, M., Bobova L, Wehner, E., Fargo, S. Alcohol expectancies, conduct disorder, and early-onset alcoholism: Negative expectancies are associated with less drinking in non-impulsive versus impulsive subjects. Addiction, 100, 953-962.

2004 - Finn, P.R., Hall, J. Cognitive ability and risk for alcoholism: short-term memory capacity moderates personality-risk for alcohol abuse. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 113, 569-581.

2004 - Fein, G, Klein, L, Finn, P.R. Impairment on a Simulated Gambling Task in Long-Term Abstinent Alcoholics. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 28, 1487-1492.

2002 - Finn, P.R. Motivation, Working Memory, and Decision Making: A cognitive motivational theory of vulnerability to alcoholism. Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews, 1, 181-203.