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Indiana University Bloomington



jguindon [at]

Educational Background

  • 2007 - Ph.D. in pharmacology, Université de Montréal
  • 2002 - M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences, Université de Montréal
  • 2000 - D.V.M., Université de Montréal

Areas of Study

  • Pharmacology
  • Neuroscience
  • Behavioral pain models

Research Statement

The focus of my research is to investigate and to understand the different mechanism involved in pain pathways. How to modulate pain by using physiological processes as well as reference compounds and endocannabinoid modulators is one of my main interest. The use of different pain models such as acute, inflammatory and neuropathic pain models and the combination of known treatment with cannabinoid compounds to alleviate pain is another area of my expertise. I have also recently begin to investigate the physiological processes involved in kidney protection following chemotherapy treatment.

Representative Publications

    Guindon, J. & Hohmann, A.G. (2013) Use of sodium bicarbonate to promote weight gain, maintain body temperature and prevent mortality in rodents receiving the chemotherapeutic agent cisplatin. Neuroscience Letters, 544, 41-46.

    Guindon J., Lai, Y., Takacs, S.M., Bradshaw, H.B., Hohmann, A.G. (2012) Alterations in endocannabinoid tone following chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: Effects of endocannabinoid deactivation inhibitors targeting fatty-acid amide hydrolase and monoacylglycerol lipase in comparison to reference analgesics following cisplatin treatment. Pharmacological Research, 67, 94-109.

    Deng, L., Guindon, J., Vemuri, V.K., Thakur, G.A., White, F.A., Makriyannis, A., Hohmann, A.G. (2012) The maintenance of cisplatin- and paclitaxel-induced mechanical and cold allodynia is suppressed by cannabinoid CB2 receptor activation and independent of CXCR4 signaling in models of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. Molecular Pain, 8, 71.

    Guindon, J. (2012) Nabilone in inflammatory pain: to be or not to be. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 39, 327-328.

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    Spradley, J.M., Guindon, J., Hohmann, A.G. (2010) Inhibitors of monoacylglycerol lipase, fatty-acid amide hydrolase and endocannabinoid transport differientially suppress capsaicin-induced behavioural sensitization through peripheral endocannabinoid mechanisms. Pharmacological Research, 62, 249-258.

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