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Indiana University Bloomington

Susan Jones

Dr. Susan Jones

Professor Emeritus


jones1 [at]

lab: PY A100 | (812)855-8415


Early object name learning; development of imitation; infant smiling

Educational Background

  • 1970
    B.A., McGill University
  • 1977
    M.S., University of Dublin
  • 1983
    Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Study

  • Cognitive Development in Infancy

Research Topics

  • Early object name learning; development of imitation; infant smiling.

Representative Publications

in press - Jones, S.S. “Imitation in infancy: The development of mimicry”. Psychological Science,

2006 - Jones, S.S. Exploration or imitation? The effect of music on 4-week-old infants’ tongue protrusions”. Infant Behavior & Development, 29(1), 126-130.

2005 - Jones, S.S. & Hong, H-W. How some infant smiles get made. Infant Behavior & Development, 28 (2), 194-205.

2005 - Jones, S.S. “Why don’t apes ape more?” (pp. 297-301) and “The role of mirror neurons in imitation” (pp. 205-210". In S. Hurley & N. Chater (Eds.), Perspectives on imitation: From cognitive neuroscience to social science, Vol. 1. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 297-301.

2005 - Jones, S.S., & Smith, L.B. The effects of object name learning on object perception: A deficit in late talkers. Journal of Child Language, 32, 223-240.

2002 - Jones, S.S. & Smith, L.B. How children know the relevant properties for generalizing object names. Developmental Science, 5, 219-232.

2002 - Smith, L.B., Jones, S.S., Gershkoff-Stowe, L., & Samuelson, L. Object name learning provides on-the-job training for attention. Psychological Science, 13, 13-19.