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Indiana University Bloomington

Research Laboratories

Adaptive Behavior and Cognition Lab - Peter Todd
Animal Behavior Farm - Meredith West
Animal Behavior Lab - Jeffrey Alberts
Behavioral Systems and Learning Lab - William Timberlake
Biobehavioral Alcohol Research Laboratory - Peter Finn
Bradshaw lab of Lipid Neuroscience - Heather Bradshaw
Cannabinoid Physiology Lab - Alex Straiker
Categorization and Memory Lab - Robert Nosofsky
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Lab - Anne Prieto
Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Center - William Hetrick
Cognition and Action Neuroimaging Lab - Karin James
Cognitive Computing Laboratory - Michael Jones
Cognitive Control Lab - Joshua Brown
Cognitive Development Lab - Linda Smith
Cognitive NeuroImaging Lab - Sharlene Newman
Coming Soon! - Emily Fyfe
Comparative Cognition Laboratory - Jonathon Crystal
Computational Cognition and Learning Lab - Chen Yu
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab - Olaf Sporns
Decision Research Laboratory - Jerome Busemeyer
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab - Bennett Bertenthal
Developmental Psychobiology Lab - Christopher Harshaw
Developmental Psychopathology Lab - Brian D'Onofrio
Family Relationships Lab - Amy Holtzworth-Munroe
Hirtlab: Social Psychology of Motivation and Performance - Edward Hirt
Lu Laboratory - Hui-Chen Lu
Mathematical Psychology Lab - James Townsend
Memory and Perception Lab - Richard Shiffrin
Mind and Identity in Context Lab - Mary Murphy
Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior Lab - Anne Krendl
Newman Lab - Ehren Newman
Perception and Neuroimaging Lab - Thomas James
Perception/Action Lab - Geoffrey Bingham
Percepts and Concepts Laboratory - Robert Goldstone
Preclinical Pharmacology Laboratory - George Rebec
Sengelabs: Motoneuron plasticity, therapeutics, and development - Dale Sengelaub
Sexual Psychophysiology Lab - Julia Heiman
Sherman Social Cogntion Research Lab - Jim Sherman
Social Cognition Lab - Robert "BJ" Rydell
Social Development Lab - John Bates
Social Neuroscience Lab (EEG/TMS) - Aina Puce
Socially Situated Cognition Lab - Eliot Smith
Speech Research Lab - David Pisoni
Training Research and Implementation in Psychology (TRIP Lab) - Cara Lewis
Vision Lab - Jason Gold
Visual Development Lab - T. Rowen Candy
Visual Perception and Electrophysiological Lab - Thomas Busey
Wellman Lab - Cara Wellman