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Application for Minor in Psychology

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers a minor in Psychology to complement other majors and degrees offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. While we've made efforts to ensure the accuracy of the requirements indicated on the form below, the official source of information regarding the College of Arts and Sciences minor requirements is the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Bulletin.

For the minor in Psychology, students must complete 15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours including:

  • Introductory Psychology course(s)
  • Two additional Psychology courses at the 300 or 400 level
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics

All courses must be completed with a C- or higher, with a minimum minor GPA of 2.000 overall to earn a minor. The residency requirement of at least 9 hours in the minor at IU Bloomington must be met, along with a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 300/400 level in minor coursework.

It is highly recommended that students apply for a Psychology Minor after completing at least one Psychology course. Nonetheless, students do not need to have actually completed all requirements before submitting an application. Upon completing this form, your intention to obtain a Psychology minor will be confirmed with the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and sent to your school's records office for later final confirmation that you've indeed completed the requirements. If you have a question or have difficulty with this website contact psyneuro [at]

Student Information

Name (Last, First, MI):
10-digit Student ID:   
IU Email Address:
School:   (UDIV students cannot apply)
Expected Graduation: Month:   Year:


Introductory Psychology: P101 (or AP credit or transfer class) and P102 or
P155 or
Two additional Psychology courses at the 300 or 400 level (list): 1:
Mathematics: M118 or A118 or V118 or D117 or J113 or M119
or 200-level math course or equivalent:
Statistics: Psychology K300 or K310
or statistics equivalent:
Note: I understand that if I take an approved Statistics course in an outside school (SPEA, BUS, etc.), then I will need to speak to a Psychology advisor for possible additional requirements.
Please check here to acknowledge: