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Indiana University Bloomington

2014 STEM students

About Project STEM

(previously Project SEED)

Project STEM is a summer internship program that invites high school students interested in science and engineering to be involved with research at a college level. The program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBS) and the Indianapolis Project STEM. It is partially sponsored by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, IU's Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the College of Arts and Sciences and Office of Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs. Currently researchers in chemistry, neuroscience, and PBS will host interns.

Founded in 1968, the program was originally chemistry-based; however, IU project mentors now focus on neuroscience, psychological, and cognitive sciences. Beginning summer 2014, the program will invite faculty mentors from other IUB science departments to participate, as well. Students are teamed with faculty mentors and graduate researchers to make a true scientific impact during their internships. They are given college and career counseling, as well as thorough and relevant safety training.

We will not be hosting Project STEM this summer (2017).