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Indiana University Bloomington

2014 STEM students

About Project STEM

(previously Project SEED)

Project STEM is a summer internship program that invites high school students interested in science and engineering to be involved with research at a college level. The program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBS) and the Indianapolis Project STEM. It is partially sponsored by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, IU's Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the College of Arts and Sciences and Office of Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs. Currently researchers in chemistry, neuroscience, and PBS will host interns.

Founded in 1968, the program was originally chemistry-based; however, IU project mentors now focus on neuroscience, psychological, and cognitive sciences. Beginning summer 2014, the program will invite faculty mentors from other IUB science departments to participate, as well. Students are teamed with faculty mentors and graduate researchers to make a true scientific impact during their internships. They are given college and career counseling, as well as thorough and relevant safety training.


All applicants must have completed two semesters of chemistry before the program begins and be:
  • Mature sophomores going into junior year
  • Juniors going into senior year
  • Seniors going into college (some laboratories require students to be 18+, so seniors are encouraged to apply)

Important Dates

  • April 1: Application deadline - all online information must be complete and submitted
  • May 11: Applicants notified of acceptance status
  • June 4 through July 27: Summer research program dates

Application Process

Please gather the following before applying:
  • The applicant's high school transcript (obtainable through a school guidance counselor), as individual course grades will be required
  • Scores from any SAT, PSAT, ACT, and any AP or IB exams that the applicant has completed (these may appear on school transcripts) - write "N/A" if the tests have yet to be taken
  • A personal email account that can be used for the STEM application and for future college applications - a professional account name ("") is recommended
When ready to apply, please submit the following information:

  1. General Information. This section asks basic information, school, addresses, and interests.
  2. Academic Achievement. Please be accurate. Applicants will need to submit transcripts for verification if accepted.
  3. Teacher Recommendation. Please direct teachers to this link, allowing at least one week advance notice so they may have enough time to write a recommendation. Other mentors and people in the applicant's life may write a recommendation as well.
  4. Parent/Guardian and Financial Information. This section should be completed by the applicant's parent/legal guardian if you wish to be considered as economically disadvantaged. The parent/guardian should have a separate email account from the applicant so the selection committee can communicate directly with them. The financial information is required project sponsors and determines financial eligibility of students receiving a stipend. All applicants MUST complete this form, even if they are not interested in the stipend. The information requested in this section can be determined from W-2 forms or public assistance forms. Please note that the parent/guardian of any accepted students who are offered a stipend must submit copies of a 2014 tax return before the program starts. More information about stipend eligibility can be found here.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the program or how you can participate as a student, mentor, or fundraiser, please email or visit You may also call Dr. Sharlene Newman from Indiana University at (812) 856-0839.