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‘Minds-on’ Exhibit for Kids and Adults Alike

PBS Partners with the Wonderlab Museum for ‘Your Amazing Brain’

Amazing what you can do if you put your brainwaves to it: Move a ball across a board in a game called Mindball; lift a toy helicopter into the air; send racecars speeding across the floor. Such are the hands-on, or rather ‘minds-on,’ exhibits on display as part of special exhibit which opened January 29th at the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology in Bloomington.


Since 2008 PBS senior lecturer Lisa Thomassen has played a major role in bringing the exhibit to life. She has also engaged numerous faculty members, who generously shared their expertise. Initial funding for the exhibit came from the physics lab of Professor John Beggs, a frequent collaborator with PBS researchers, who received a grant from the National Science Foundation. The results are exciting and startling, something to see and experience for yourself.


Learn about MRI technology with the teddy bear scanner, courtesy of professors Aina Puce and Karin James. Take a peek at a series of neurons under a microscope, courtesy of Professor Joseph Farley. Practice the art of matching fingerprints that Professor  Tom Busey has studied in his lab. Compare the brains of animals across the animal kingdom, straight from the lab of Dale Sengelaub. Observe the clever tricks your senses can play on you with the “mask depth-perception illusion,” courtesy of Jim Craig. Wondrous discoveries await you.



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