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Involve Yourself

Research Labs, clubs and programs came together for the inaugural student involvement fair.

One of the best ways to make the most of your four undergraduate years at IU and life as a PBS major is simple: GET INVOLVED. If you have any doubts about how that can be done, the PBS Involvement Fair was there to dispel them.

On February 24, PBS labs, clubs, and programs came together in one large space for the inaugural PBS Involvement Fair. There to involve themselves with anyone who might want to join or participate in what they do were current members, directors, AND leaders of the many labs, programs, and clubs to be discovered within the psychological and brain sciences department.


Present at the event were representatives of nine labs and programs; those involved in service learning, teaching, and tutoring; and three student organizations. You could explore the career services available, learn about the Honors Program and two newly formed certificate programs.


To cultivate the skills, credibility, and credentials for your current academic and future professional life and to become part of the vibrant and diverse PBS community, stay tuned for the 2017 Involvement Fair next year.




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