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Indiana University Bloomington

P356 Teaching Internship Application

2 credits / Meets: Tuesday 2:30 - 3:45
Instructors: Irene Vlachos-Weber & Melissa Ritter
Prerequisite: Permission of instructors

This course provides training and supervision for students assisting in teaching undergraduate psychology courses. Please note this is a 2-credit Satisfactory/Fail class which does not fulfill any requirements for the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department. Students must be pursuing a major in Psychological and Brain Sciences with at least a junior standing and priority will be given to students with a 3.5 GPA or higher, both overall and in their major. Students must be able to attend class (P356) every Tuesday from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm.

Submit this email form to set up a time for an interview.

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List of Psychological and Brain Sciences courses taken, name of instructor, semester taken, and grade:
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