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Overview of labs, clinics, resources

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Laboratory resources

The research facilities available to our faculty and students are located throughout two adjoining buildings connected by an underground walkway: the 130,000 square foot Psychology Building and two floors totaling 26,300 square foot in the Multi-Disciplinary Science Building II (MSB-II). 

Built in 2009, MSB-II is specifically designed to house at least 10 neuroscience labs, and state-of-the-art animal quarters, including a transgenic facility. All core faculty members have their own research laboratories in these buildings. These labs are supplied and staffed appropriately for their particular research programs.

All stretch mentors have laboratory space and resources in their home departments or institutions. Trainees generally do their research in mentors’ labs. Since many of the mentors currently collaborate, graduate students commonly work fluidly across labs and in shared space. 

The Clinical Science Program has shared research space available for trainees who are doing new work that does not match the facilities of their mentor. For example, we presently have a human eye-tracking and eyeblink conditioning system set up in this space for a student who is working across two labs that did not have this equipment.

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Computer resources

IU faculty and students have access to extensive computing resources to meet the training needs for research, education, and clinical care. At the departmental level, all investigators’ offices and laboratories are equipped with personal computers that are kept current using a life-cycle replacement policy. Numerous software applications are made available at no charge to IU faculty through enterprise licensing agreements between the university and its vendors, including Microsoft and Adobe.