Neuroscience Certificateā€Æ

This interdisciplinary certificate program combines coursework with lab experiences to help you acquire an in-depth understanding of neuroscience, from the cellular and molecular bases of nervous system function, to a systems-level approach to the study of brain-behavior relationships. 

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Certificate in Clinical Psychological ScienceĀ 

If you are considering graduate school in clinical psychology, or thinking about working with people who are seeking treatment for mental health issues, a certificate in clinical psychological science will move you closer to your career goals.

This certificate combines course work and supervised field experiences to give you an in-depth understanding of clinical psychological science, from theory to its application in the laboratory and in a wide variety of applied mental and behavioral health service settings.

Students are accepted to the program based on a combination of their GPA, demonstrated interest in the certificate, relevant prior experience, and career goals that align with the priorities of the certificate program.

Certificate in the Psychology of Business

As part of completing the bachelor’s degree, and in addition to completing requirements for a major, you can earn a Certificate in the Psychology of Business. This selective interdisciplinary certificate program provides academic, applied, and research experiences, helping you develop an in-depth understanding of how psychological concepts can be applied in a business setting. This certificate is particularly useful in fields such as industrial and organizational psychology, human factors, design, marketing, and advertising.

This certificate is designed to prepare you for further graduate training in applied business psychology or for advanced entry-level positions in industry.

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