Foundations of Clinical Science

PSY-P318 — Fall 2018

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PY 226
Days and Times
8:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday
Course Description

Are you considering graduate school in clinical psychology? Or, are you thinking about a career helping people who are dealing with depression, addiction, childhood behavioral and developmental issues, PTSD, or other mental health issues? This course aims to provide you with a foundational knowledge base of clinical science—a subdiscipline of psychological science—including exemplars of clinical science across the translational continuum (basic science, intervention development, efficacy research, effectiveness research, dissemination and implementation science). In essence, the course will delve deep into approaching clinical phenomena through a scientific lens.

The reading assignments, classroom presentations and activities, and course requirements will consider current perspectives on clinical science’s role in the promotion of adaptive functioning; at assessment, prevention, and treatment of human problems in behavior, affect, cognition, or health; and at the application of knowledge in ways consistent with scientific evidence. You will learn to balance skepticism and enthusiasm for evidence-based practices through the lens and foundation of critical thinking. 

P: PSY-P101 and PSY-P102 or PSY-P155 and PSY-K300 or other approved Statistics course. Course will count as a PSY Elective in the PSYBA.

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