Psychology in the Business Environment

PSY-P452 — Fall 2018

man and woman in business suits walking
Jonathan Ledbetter
PY 109
Days and Times
8:00 a.m.- 9:15 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday
Course Description

At its core, business involves the interaction between humans. This course delves into the application of psychological concepts into various business applications. During this course, you will gain an understanding of and appreciation for the psychological basis of consumer and business management decision making. You will be able to apply a human-centered approach to design and will know how to improve organizational health through a better understanding of how human behavior affects the workplace.

Topics vary but generally include a deeper analysis of leadership development, creativity and innovation, effective team performance, and organizational culture and behavior. 

P: P101, P102 or P106 or P155, and one additional 300-level course in psychology. R: PSY-P304. This course will count as a PSY Advanced course in the PSYBA or the PSYBS.