Organizational & Business Psychology B.S

Bachelor of Science in Organizational + Business Psychology

Our Organizational and Business Psychology Bachelor of Science degree is designed for highly motivated students who wish to pursue a career in industry or research.

Through academic, applied, and research experiences in our Organizational and Business Psychology B.S. program, you will gain a variety of skills in data analysis, research methodology, oral and written communication, leadership adeptness, problem solving, and critical thinking. You will learn how to apply your knowledge in psychological and brain sciences to design work environments, equipment, and systems to make them more efficient, safer, and easier to operate, by understanding the capabilities and limitations of the human user, consumer, and worker.

Through the study and application of principles in leadership, perceptions of fairness, team dynamics, employee satisfaction, worker motivation, and workplace stress, you will learn how the emotional and motivational side of work impacts operational effectiveness of organizations. You will also gain an understanding of buyer behavior and consumer decision-making by examining the fundamental issues of consumer behavior from psychological and data-analytic frameworks.

Our Organizational and Business Psychology B.S. students are prepared for graduate training in psychology, business, and related fields, professional schools, and careers (not necessarily in psychology) that use scientific training and quantitative techniques

Course Requirements