Molecular and Systems Neuroscience

The goal of the Molecular and Systems Neuroscience (MSN) area is to prepare graduate students for the wide range of approaches and perspectives found in modern neuroscience. Most students completing the MSN curriculum will finish with a double major, receiving Ph.D.s in both Psychological and Brain Sciences and Neuroscience.

We aim for our graduates to be competent and confident in both molecular and systems neuroscience. This is because we feel that many of the most exciting advances in neuroscience will come at the intersection of these approaches. On the practical side, this training also prepares our graduates for careers in academics, industry, government, as well as less traditional paths such as publishing, patent law, and other professions. Importantly, we also feel that studying neuroscience in a psychology department allows the graduate student to develop a well-grounded understanding of neuroscience mechanisms and concepts as broadly applied to human psychology.

Meet the faculty

First Year
  • Introduction to Neuroscience
  • First Year Research Seminar
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Research
Second Year
  • Neuroscience Electives (1 from Molecular/Cellular, 1 from Systems Neuroscience)
  • Research
  • Neuroscience Seminar Series
Third Year + Beyond
  • Research
  • Additional Electives
  • Teaching experience
  • Dissertation Research