Psychology B.S.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Our Psychology Bachelor of Science degree is designed for highly motivated students who wish to pursue a career in industry or research.

In our B.S. program, you will gain a deep understanding of modern psychology and the strategies and methods by which scientific knowledge is acquired in this field. Our program emphasizes broad preparation in sciences and the development of math and computer skills.

The B.S. degree program requires more advanced courses and laboratory work in psychology than the B.A. program. You are strongly encouraged to develop a concentration or specialization in the field, as well as to get actively involved in research, affording you the background and skills to be competitive for demanding graduate programs or employment in fields such as health care, medicine, business, and education.

Our Psychology B.S. students are prepared for graduate training in psychology and related fields, professional schools, and careers (not necessarily in psychology) that use scientific training and quantitative techniques.

Course Requirements