Internships for Psychology + Neuroscience majors

Psychology and Neuroscience majors are multitalented individuals able to enter many different career fields. They know the value of real-world experience, understanding that it gives applicants an edge when looking for work or applying to graduate school. Internships also give you a chance to test-drive your own interests, and to think about what kind of work environment most appeals to you.

Over 80% of our students complete at least one internship experience and many complete two before they graduate. To find an internship, you'll need to do some careers exploration. Start early, and think ahead.

Once you've secured an internship, you can earn course credit by registering for an internship career course (ASCS X373). 

The Hutton Honors College offers Pre-Professional Internship Grants for eligible students. It also offers Teaching Internship Grants. Eligible students find financial support for academic study abroad through its Hutton International Experiences Program (HIEP). Many of our students begin exploring internship opportunities, including overseas study programs with internships, as early as their freshman year.