Developmental Psychology Faculty

Developmental Psychology

Our department views the study of developmental psychology as the study of mechanisms and causal forces of change. We seek to prepare future scientists by giving them the empirical and theoretical tools needed to go beyond the mere description of development to an explanation of how change happens.

Questions about developmental process transcend specific content areas and species. An understanding of developmental process requires both deep expertise in a particular content area and a broad awareness of developmental phenomena across what are normally considered separate areas in psychology and allied sciences. For example, we believe that studies of infant motor development like smiling and other facial gestures, and studies of the development of songs in birds help us understand how language is acquired.


Our students have the unique opportunity to use our imaging facilities to learn about and conduct studies on the neural mechanisms associated with developmental change. These facilities include a 3T Siemens fMRI scanner and simulator and EEG facilities, all housed within the Psychological and Brain Sciences Building. Functional neuroimaging of children ages 4 years and older using fMRI is a vibrant methodology at IU. We encourage our students to learn about Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience through hands-on mentoring as well as course work.