History of Clinical Science at IU

The Clinical Training Program at Indiana University has been in continuous operation since 1922. It was one of the first clinical programs to receive training funds from the National Institute of Mental Health. Currently, it is one of only a handful of programs receiving grant support from NIMH for Research Training in Clinical Psychology. It also was one of the first to be fully accredited as a clinical training program by the American Psychological Association. It has received such accreditation without interruption, and continues to enjoy a fully-accredited status.

The Clinical Program has always been an integral part of a strong Department of Psychology. The department was founded in 1888 as a psychological laboratory by Dr. William L. Bryan, making it the oldest continuing laboratory for psychological research and teaching in the U.S. In addition to the clinical training program, the department offers graduate training in such areas as Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Mechanisms of Behavior, Molecular and Systems Neuroscience, and Social Psychology. Many faculty are also part of the programs in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Animal Behavior. There are approximately 60 full-time faculty members and nearly 95 full-time students in the department. Approximately one-third of the students are specializing in the clinical area.