Recent Actions

Recent Actions


Annual Actions

Getting You into Indiana University (GU2IU) program to offer prospective graduate students an opportunity to visit our campus, at no cost, to learn more about current research, faculty and students

Administered annual departmental Climate Survey

Supported a PBS staff member and graduate student to attend ABRCMS

Campaigning for faculty hiring to emphasize research focused on health disparities both within the department and with our collaborators in university-wide hiring initiatives


2022 Actions

Joined the Next-Gen Psych Scholars Program

Launched departmental Ombuds Committee

Conducted analysis of patterns of departmental hiring and attrition of TT faculty from 2003-2021

Conducted analysis relating word usage patterns in job ads to applicant pool demographic representation for last 6 departmental TT faculty searches

Appointed ad hoc Committee for Best Practices in Hiring and Diversity to report to the departmental Policy and Steering committee

Conducted analyses of graduate student demographics with respect to recruitment and existing student body

Redesigned departmental Diversity webpages (Summer 2022)

Participated in the development of a STEM postdoc-to-faculty program, called the STEM Inclusive Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (SIPFP), that will complement our already strong collaboration with the Center for Research on Race & Ethnicity in Society (CRRES)

Made commitment to revising undergraduate and graduate course curriculums and other training opportunities to improve inclusion of scholars from diverse backgrounds and enhance consideration of research related to cultural diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice for major content areas


2021 Actions

Developed and adopted departmental Community Standards document

Prioritization of departmental graduate student fellowships for recruitment of students with rising identities

Launched 7-Module online DEIJ training course available to all department faculty, staff, fellows, and graduate students


2020 Actions

Conducted first departmental Climate survey (spring 2020)

Dropped GRE requirement for graduate admissions and made it optional (2020)

Launched the graduate student focused Sharon Stephens Brehm Fellowship program, providing three full year-long fellowships to meritorious graduate students (2020)

With the generous support of Professor Emeritus Ken Heller, established an endowment to support underrepresented minority graduate students (2020)


2019 Actions

Launched annual support for a PBS staff member and graduate student to attend ABRCMS

Initiated PBS DEI Colloquium Support Fund (travel, lodging, and per diem) for speakers from under-represented minority groups and/or speakers presenting research about diversity, inclusion, health disparities, etc., and a prioritization to invite such speakers for colloquia across programmatic areas