Ph.D. Minor

Use your Academic Bulletin

Students pursuing a minor in Psychology should use the Academic Bulletin year appropriate for your year of matriculation.

Requirements for Psychology minor degrees can be found by clicking on the relevant Bulletin below:

2022-23: College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin

Ph.D. minor for students in PBS

There are two options:  an individualized minor or an external minor. An individual minor is created by the student and the Advisory Committee and must be pre-approved by the Advisory Committee and the Dean of the University Graduate School.

Individualized Minor: This requires 9 graduate-level credit hours. Prior to coursework, the Advisory Committee and the student must create a proposed title for the minor and a list of more than 3 proposed courses. This is now an online form available in Final approval of the minor is at the discretion of the dean. Notes: P690 Practicum is not accepted towards the Clinical minor unless special permission has been requested from and granted by the director of clinical training.

External Minor (outside of PBS):  These minors typically require at least 12 credit hours.  You must follow all of the guidelines of the minor department. Contact the specific department for more information, guidelines, and to speak with an advisor.