Candidacy FAQs

Admission to candidacy is a formal university process. It signifies the faculty's recognition that you have completed certain degree requirements and are likely to complete all other degree requirements.

Admission to candidacy is required before you can form your research committee. Your research committee must be formed at least 6 months before you hold your official dissertation defense.

  1. Log on to
  2. Go to
  3. Follow the forms instructions and complete the required fields.

The form will route through the advisor(s), department, and University Graduate School. You can track the progress of your form by searching for Track My SIS Edocs.

It is the responsibility of the student to track the form to ensure its completion.

To be admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree, you must have:

Completed coursework, including:

  • P553
  • a second Statistics course or Methods course
  • all courses in the major
  • 9 hours in your individualized minor or courses for external minor or for 2nd major
  • P595

You must also have:

  • passed the qualifying exam
  • submitted your first and second research projects
  • completed P660
  • taught one semester of P211

You are eligible for candidacy if you meet the requirements below. If you meet these requirements, send the Academic Services Coordinator (ASC) an email ( and she will prepare the paperwork for you.

Candidacy eligibility checklist
  1. I am in good standing with the department and have a GPA of 3.3 or above.
  2. I have completed the courses for my major (12-22 credit hours).
  3. If I am a double major, I have also completed all of the requirements for my second major.
  4. If I am a single major, I have completed all of the courses for my minor (internal minor = 9 credits, external minor = 12 credits.)
  5. I have completed PSY-P 553 Advanced Statistics 1 and a second statistics or methods course (as approved by my committee) or have been officially waived of the requirement(s).
  6. I have successfully completed PSY-P 660 The Teaching of Psychology or have been officially waived of the requirement.
  7. I have successfully taught at least one semester of PSY-P 211 Methods or have been officially waived of the requirement.
  8. I have completed and submitted by First Project and my Second Project and the projects have been approved by my advisor.
  9. I passed my Qualifying Examination.

Once you have been admitted to candidacy and have accumulated at least 90 credit hours, you can enroll in G901 instead of P895/P899 research credits.

The cost of G901 is only $150 per semester, which saves you from having to pay the sizable incidental fees you would normally have to pay when enrolling in regular coursework. You are limited to 6 semesters of G901, and it is not offered in the summer. Advanced students may be required to enroll in G901 in order to receive any departmental funding. Please note the following:

  • G901 is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters—it is not available in the summer.
  • G901 enrollment is limited to 6 semesters and a student who enrolls in G901 cannot also enroll in other coursework.
  • G901 was created for students who are writing their dissertations.
  • Because you do not pay the mandatory fees when enrolled in G901, you are required to pay fees if you wish to have services such as the SRSC, HPER, and the Health Center.
  • Please note that if you are appointed as a graduate assistant or if you are on a fellowship, your health insurance will still be in place but you will have to pay for Health Center visits.
  • If you are not appointed to an assistantship or fellowship, you may not be covered by insurance and should speak with the department’s Human Resources Coordinator for confirmation. Find more information at Student Central.

If you have met all of the requirements listed above for nomination to candidacy and meet the requirements below, you are eligible for G901 and should enroll by contacting for a class permission.

Please note that if you are beyond your fifth year and hope to be considered for departmental funding you must be eligible for and enroll in G901. Since G901 is not offered in the summer, summer enrollment and summer support for advanced students will be determined at the discretion of the department. Funding is never guaranteed beyond your fifth year.