Ph.D. Requirements

Requirements for completing the Ph.D. in Psychology

The Ph.D. in Psychology requires a minimum of 90 graduate-level credit hours. In addition to the requirements listed below, students must pass both an oral and a written qualifying examination. The degree also requires you to write and defend a dissertation, and then submit a copy of the dissertation to the University. Completion of the program typically takes five to seven years.


An average of at least a B+ (3.3) must be maintained in all course work. No grades below B- (2.7) may be counted toward degree requirements. Students receiving more than one grade below B- (2.7) are not in good standing and will be subject to dismissal.


To remain in good standing, students must be involved in productive research. Evaluation is based on two research projects and on your research potential, as well as on course work. All students are expected to develop research skills appropriate to their programs, through a combination of course work, individual study, and experience.


Students are required to complete a course, The Teaching of Psychology, and to teach one section of this undergraduate methods course.