Syllabus Policies

Syllabus Policies

The policies listed below represent the standard policies for many, but not all PBS classes offered in the Fall 22/Spring 23 academic year. Policies listed directly in a course syllabus take precedence over these policies. Students should carefully read over their syllabuses and address any questions about policies with their instructor. To review policies from previous academic terms, click here.


Accessibility and Accommodation

Indiana University is dedicated to ensuring that students with disabilities (e.g., chronic health, neurodevelopmental, neurological, sensory, psychological & emotional, including mental health, etc.) have the support services and reasonable accommodations needed to provide equal access to academic programs. To request an accommodation, you must establish your eligibility by working with Disability Services for Students ( or 812-855-7578). Additional information can be found at Note that services are confidential, may take time to put into place, and are not retroactive; captions and alternate media for print materials may take three or more weeks to get produced. Please contact your campus office as soon as possible if accommodations are needed. 

The office is located on the third floor, west tower, of the Wells Library, Room W302. Walk-ins are welcome 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. You can also locate a variety of campus resources for students and visitors that need assistance at:


Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Policy

One of an instructor’s responsibilities is to create a positive learning environment for all students. IU policy prohibits sexual misconduct in any form, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, sexual exploitation, and dating/domestic violence. If you have experienced sexual misconduct, or know someone who has, the University can help.

If you are seeking help and would like to speak to someone confidentially, you can make an appointment with:

The Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) at (812) 855-5711 (counseling services)
A Confidential Victim Advocates (CVA) at (812) 856-2469 or
IU Health Center at (812) 855-4011 (health and medical services)

It is also important that you know that University policy requires instructors to share certain information brought to their attention about potential sexual misconduct, with the campus Deputy Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Coordinator or the University Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Coordinator. In that event, those individuals will work to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and resources are made available. Protecting student privacy is of utmost concern, and information will only be shared with those that need to know to ensure the University can respond and assist. You are encouraged to visit


Bias-Based Incident Reporting

Bias-based incident reports can be made by students, faculty and staff. Any act of discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability can be reported through any of the options:
        1) fill out an online report at
        2) email
        3) call the Dean of Students Office at (812) 855-8187
Reports can be made anonymously.


Religious and Civic Observances

Students missing class for a religious observance can find the officially approved accommodation form by going to the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs webpage for religious accommodations. The form must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the anticipated absence.  


Health and Safety

IU is following recommended public health guidance in response to the pandemic. In recognition of all IU community members owe to each other, every member of the IU community is expected to adhere to all current policies and practices. For current information on that guidance see Students are expected to follow the university directives and the classroom policies established by their instructors. Willful non-compliance with campus or instructor policies will be considered personal misconduct and will be handled following the procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct).


Academic Integrity

As a student at IU, you are expected to adhere to the standards contained in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct (the Code). Academic misconduct is defined as any activity that tends to undermine the academic integrity of the institution. Academic integrity violations include: cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, interference, violation of course rules, and facilitating academic dishonesty. When you submit an assignment with your name on it, you are signifying that the work contained therein is yours, unless otherwise cited or referenced. Any ideas or materials taken from another source must be fully acknowledged. Students should not share their work with any other students. If plagiarism or other cheating occurs, both students involved will be considered responsible even if the student sharing their work was unaware that academic misconduct would occur or had occurred. Ignorance of what constitutes academic misconduct or plagiarism is not a valid excuse. In addition, posting questions from quizzes/exams or assignments or downloading answers from online sources is considered academic misconduct. All suspected violations of the Code will be reported to the Dean of Students (Office of Student Conduct) and handled according to University policies. Sanctions for academic misconduct in this course may include a failing grade on the assignment, a reduction in your final course grade, or a failing grade in the course, among other possibilities. If you are unsure about the expectations for completing an assignment or taking a test or exam, be sure to seek clarification from your instructor in advance. 


Note Selling

Various commercial services have approached students regarding selling class notes/study guides to their classmates. Selling the instructor’s notes/study guides or uploading course assignments to these sites in exchange for access to materials for other courses is not permitted. Violations of this policy will be reported to the Dean of Students (Office of Student Conduct) as academic misconduct (violation of course rules). Sanctions for academic misconduct for this action may include a failing grade on the assignment for which the notes/study guides or assignments are being uploaded, a reduction in your final course grade, or a failing grade in the course, among other possibilities. Additionally, you should know that selling an instructor’s notes/study guides individually or on behalf of one of these services using IU email, or via Canvas may also constitute a violation of IU information technology and IU intellectual property policies; additional consequences may result.


Online Course Materials

The instructor teaching this course holds the exclusive right to distribute, modify, post, and reproduce course materials, including all written materials, study guides, lectures, assignments, exercises, and exams. Some of the course content may be downloadable, but you should not distribute, post, or alter the instructor’s intellectual property. While you are permitted to take notes on the online materials and lectures posted for this course for your personal use, you are not permitted to re-post in another forum, distribute, or reproduce content from this course without the express written permission of the instructor.


GroupMe and Other External Messaging Platforms

Please note that you may receive emails from other students about joining GroupMe, Discord, or similar external group messaging platforms for individual classes via Canvas. Even though invitations to join these groups may be issued through Canvas, they do not imply the endorsement of the course instructor. While apps like GroupMe can be an effective tool for keeping in touch with classmates and clarifying information related to the course, they can also be a source of unauthorized information sharing or collaboration among students. Collaborative efforts on assignments, quizzes and exams, including sharing or discussing answers when the instructor has not expressly authorized collaboration is considered cheating. If academic dishonesty occurs via GroupMe or similar messaging platforms, everyone involved in the thread may be found responsible for academic misconduct because membership in the group suggests that they have been able to view the information shared.


Psychological Counseling Services

Every year many students become sick, depressed, stressed, and anxious, have relationship/roommate/family problems, fall behind in their work or grades, or have other challenges. Please get yourself the help you need in a timely fashion, before you develop a bigger problem! You can have a great college career, but you have to take care of yourself first. See Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for assistance. For information about services offered to students by CAPS. Three free sessions are available to all students for these services, future visits are inexpensive, and show up only as ‘health center’ on your bursar bill. CAPS Now is a new program to get folks help much faster. Please do not hesitate to seek help.


Academic Assistance

Contact the Student Academic Center for help with basic study skills. You can always see your TAs or instructor for course-related assistance; this is free assistance for this specific course. 



Unless otherwise noted, all course materials are copyrighted by your instructor and Indiana University, 2022. All federal and state copyrights in these course materials are reserved by their respective creators. You may not make any commercial use of these course materials or profit from them in any way without prior written permission of the copyright holder(s). In addition to legal sanctions for violations of copyright law, students found to have violated these licenses may be subject to University disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct and/or violations of the University’s Technology Acceptable Use Policies.



This syllabus is an outline of the course and its policies, which may be changed for reasonable purposes during the semester at the instructor’s discretion.  You will be notified in class and / or via email if any changes are made to this syllabus, and an updated syllabus will be provided on Canvas.