Psychology B.A. degree

The Psychology B.A. degree provides you with broad coverage of modern scientific psychology, introducing you to the concepts, theories, strategies, and tactics used to acquire knowledge in the field of human behavior. You can pursue a concentration in such areas as human development, memory and cognition, animal behavior, clinical psychology, or social psychology.

Because the Psychology B.A. program offers considerable flexibility in choosing courses, it combines well with other majors. You have the opportunity to enhance your learning by engaging in research or participating in internships.

Courses in the major emphasize the development of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and leadership skills. Strong students gain a sufficient background in science and psychology to qualify for demanding graduate programs.

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Psychology B.S. degree

The Psychology B.S. degree is designed for highly motivated students. Requiring more advanced courses and laboratory work than the B.A., the Bachelor of Science program emphasizes breadth of preparation in science and the development of math and computer skills.

Students who graduate with a B.S. in Psychology are well prepared for graduate training in psychology and related fields, for professional schools, and for jobs (not necessarily in psychology) that use scientific training and quantitative techniques.

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Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology is very popular among students with diverse majors. Understanding the how and why of human thought, emotion, and behavior is an endless source of fascination, useful in relation to any career goal.