How to Apply

Admission to the university

Most first year students at IU enroll in and receive academic advising from the University Division or the Hutton Honors College.

If you are an incoming freshman or prospective student and have an excellent high school record, you may be contacted by the College of Arts & Sciences and offered Direct Admission. Qualifying as a direct admit into the College allows you to have a more focused beginning to your academic career and it is an honor that you can list on your resume and professional portfolio.

For general admission to Indiana University Bloomington, please see IUB Admissions.

If you're interested in our Graduate Program in Psychology, see Graduate Admissions.

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Choosing your major

Choosing your major is an important part of the undergraduate experience, requiring you to plan ahead beyond college. It also helps you think about how to develop your interests, making use of the resources available on campus.

Indiana University offers many resources to help students choose their major: