PBS Update: Summer 2022


Opioid overdose detection patch under development, funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse

Distinguished Professor Ken Mackie works with a colleague in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering for a potential solution to deadly respiratory depression from opioid overdose.

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Study offers novel insight into earliest infant word learning 

Distinguished Professor Linda Smith leads this study looking at infants' daily encounters with the objects in their surroundings, during which infants build up "a deep and robust familiarity" with their environment.

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Antidepressant use in pregnant women unlikely to cause seizures in their children

Kelsey Wiggs, a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology, is the lead author on this study, which is a part of a broader research effort to study medications taken in pregnancy and their possible effects on children.

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Neuroscientists study effects of adolescent marijuana use with $2M NIH grant

Researchers Ken Mackie and Hui-Chen Lu are studying cannabis use in adolescents ages 12 to 14 to determine whether use during this critical period of brain development impairs working memory and increases the risk of psychosis later in life.

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In case you missed it . . .

Check out the photos of recent events!

Mind, Brain and Machine Quad Inauguration

April 27, 2022

On the Bloomington campus, a new green space has replaced a surface parking lot located between Luddy Hall and Multidisciplinary Science Building II, north of Cottage Grove Avenue. This new Mind, Brain and Machine Quadrangle is intended to synergize and advance the academic programs housed in the buildings surrounding the Quad.


J.R. Kantor Undergraduate Honors + Awards

April 28, 2022

Every year, we recognize undergraduate seniors who have distinguished themselves through excellent work. These students were awarded with departmental honors + individual awards at a ceremony on April 28th in the Global and International Studies Atrium.


Graduation Celebration

May 7, 2022

We celebrated the hard work and success of last year’s graduating class at our annual graduation reception in the Marching Hundred Hall. All graduates and their guests were invited to join faculty and staff for refreshments!


Child-Scientist Activity Week

June 6-17

Psychology researchers and students engaged small groups of children in games, crafts, and demonstrations to explore the senses, memory, emotions, coordination and other aspects of their growing, changing brains.


Image of Fall 2022 PBS faculty on the steps of MSBII ROW 1 (Left to Right): Bill Hetrick, Emily Fyfe, Anne Prieto, Hui-Chen Lu, Cara Wellman, Kristi DeBoeuf, Linda Smith, Cary Lai, Jason Gold ROW 2 (Left to Right): Emily Schiestl, Jennifer Trueblood, Lisa Thomassen, Ehren Newman, Rick Betzel, Rich Shiffrin, Bennett Bertenthal, Dan Kennedy, Jonathon Crystal, Jerome Busemeyer ROW 3 (Left to Right): Hu Cheng, Ben Motz, Rick Viken, Karin James, Brian D’Onofrio, Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces ROW 4 (Left to Right): Rob Nosofsky, Jack Bates, Geoff Bingham, Dale Sengelaub, Tom Busey, Aina Puce, Krista Wisner, Spencer Dawson ROW 5 (Left to Right): Preston Garraghty, Istvan Katona, Rick Hullinger, Mike Jones, Anne Krendl, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe ROW 6 (Left to Right): Olaf Sporns, Andrea Hohmann, Jeff Alberts, Peter Todd, David Pisoni, Ed Hirt, Josh Brown, Ken Mackie NOT PICTURED: Heather Bradshaw, Kendra Bunner, Amanda Diekman, Joe Farley, Peter Finn, Rob Goldstone, Dorainne Green, Norbert Hajos, Jonathan Ledbetter, Mary Murphy, Cindy Patton, Ben Ramsden, Alan Roberts, BJ Rydell, Irene Vlachos-Weber, Kurt Hugenberg

Pandemic Transitions

Five new PBS faculty members joined the department in and around the time of the pandemic. No doubt everyone experienced the upheaval in their own unique ways. But those joining the department shortly before, during and after the pandemic took on the challenges of moving to a new city (or country) and starting a new job at a time when daily life as we knew it had come to a halt.

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