Norbert  Hajos

Norbert Hajos

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Jack and Linda Gill Chair, Gill Center for Biomolecular Science


  • DSc, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2012
  • Ph.D., Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, 1998
  • MSc, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary, 1994

Areas of study


Research Topics

  • Cellular neuroscience
  • System neuroscience
  • Neuroanatomy

Research Summary

Our goal is to understand the wiring and operating principles of cortical microcircuits that control higher-order cognitive processes in a coordinated manner. To achieve this aim, we combine state-of-the-art methods, including viral techniques, high-resolution light microscopy, brain slice electrophysiology, recordings of neural activities in awake animals, opto- and chemogenetics. We are particularly interested in the function of the prefrontal cortex and amygdala at the cellular and circuit levels. In addition to focusing on local neural circuits within these two brain structures, we aim to reveal the circuit mechanisms underlying the communication between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala under normal and pathological conditions. The results of our studies intend to uncover some of the key network parameters involved in abnormal operation causing e.g. the autistic phenotype.