IU Parent-Child Clinic

Therapists + supervision

The therapists in the Parent-Child Training Clinic are advanced doctoral students in the clinical science program of the IU Psychological and Brain Sciences department. All of our therapists are closely supervised by Indiana University faculty. Other advanced students also provide the therapists with helpful suggestions. Throughout treatment, we carefully maintain and protect your family’s confidential information.

Our approach

Our clinic specializes in a treatment approach called Parent Behavior Training. This form of family therapy has been scientifically tested and found to be effective for children with a range of behavior problems. The diagram depicted below displays a general framework for our treatment. You can expect to see most, if not all of the session topics depicted here over a 12-16 week period. Different elements may be emphasized in different families.

Phase 1: Initial interview 
  • Assess presenting problems and other factors related to participation
Phase 2: Setting up for success
  • Establish treatment goals
  • Address setting up conditions and antecedent behaviors related to target behaviors, including sleep and parent-child “special time”
Phase 3: Self-control
  • Introduce procedures for improving self-management related to successful parenting
Phase 4: Discipline
  • Select and practice disciplinary response to target behaviors
Phase 5: Reinforcement
  • Review the concept of reinforcement and implement plans to encourage target behavior
Phase 6: Communication
  • Present basic communication and problem-solving skills
Phase 7: Generalization
  • Using a problem-solving approach, assist family to apply previously learned skills to manage other problems
Termination and follow up
  • Prepare parents to maintain changes independently
  • Terminate
  • Offer “booster” sessions as needed

* Adapted from Fleischman, M.J., Horne, A.M., & Arthur, J.L. (1983). Troubled Families: A Treatment Program. Champaign, IL: Research Press Company.


All services offered by the IU Parent-Child Clinic are currently free of charge.

Contact us

All services for the Parent-Child Training Clinic are scheduled by contacting:

Parent-Child Training Clinic
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
1101 E 10th St. Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 855-2311

The administrative staff of all IU Psychology Research and Training Clinics can help direct your call or answer general questions concerning our location, hours, and who to contact with specific questions:

Psychology Research and Training Clinic Coordinator
Shirley Richardson
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