Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

The Cognitive Psychology program at IUB is designed to develop a systematic understanding of cognitive processes (perception, human learning, attention, categorization, problem solving, decision -making, information processing and retrieval, short and long-term memory and forgetting, sensory encoding, motor control, psycholinguistics, and reading) with major emphasis on the development and testing of theories in this area. As part of the training program, students are expected to participate in extensive research programs.

The cognitive psychology program overlaps with other areas of specialization both within and outside the department. Where it is appropriate to the student's individual program, course work in other areas such as cognitive science, mathematical psychology, linguistics, computer science, mathematics, etc. is encouraged.

At the present time, the department has active research programs in the following areas:

  • Information processing in decision-making
  • Categorization and conceptual representation
  • Language acquisition and sentence processing
  • Speech perception
  • Reading
  • Analysis of choice behavior
  • Visual perception
  • Stages of sensory information processing
  • The focus of attention
  • Forgetting in short and long-term memory
  • The nature of retrieval from memory
  • The mechanisms of visual and auditory imagery
  • The control of the memorial system
  • Shared cognitive processing

Research in these areas is being carried out in laboratories equipped with computers, in association with a variety of specialized stimulus presentation and data acquisition devices (e.g., video display devices, tachistoscopes, speech synthesizers and recognizers, etc.)